How To Start An After School Program part 2

By Wanda Parker

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As I mentioned on Monday, to have an effective after school program you must know what you want the end result to be.  You must take the time to brainstorm what you want a six year old today to look like when he is 40.  We have our trainees consider this throughout the week of training.

My 40 year old – a whole-istic view.


Is a fully committed follower of the Triune God – Father, Son and Holy Spirit
Is rooted in the Word of God
Is known as a prayer warrior
Actively involved in a Bible teaching church
Has a Biblical worldview
Fruit of the Spirit evidenced in his life
Is actively living out Matthew 28:19-20


God confidence
Knows how to identify and express emotions in healthy ways
Joy and peace


Has critical thinking and problem-solving skills
Still learning – inquisitive
A lover of books


Healthy relationships
Solid peer group of believers
Friendships with non-believers
Known as an individual who can be trusted
Respects authority
Leadership skills
Interpersonal and communication skills
Treats those with whom he disagrees with respect without compromise
A Biblical compassion for those in need


Treats the body as the temple of God
Makes good choices to keep body healthy – knows what those choices should be
Good hygiene

Tomorrow I will think through the first steps to start an after school program to nurture kids to raise them up to be Christ-changed, hope filled, productive adults.

For some concrete steps to start your Church based after school ministry click here.


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