Cutting Edge Conference – Was It Cutting Edge?

By Wanda Parker                                                                        KidTrek Training
                                                                                                  February 3 – 11, 2009

Last week was the international Cutting Edge Conference for those working with at-risk kids around the world.  What a joy to meet those on the Cutting Edge of reaching children who are hurting.

It is the faces I remember, the stories from those in attendance who were from Nepal, Pakistan, Lebanon, Brazil, Kenya, South Africa and the list goes on.  God is at work through these individuals around the world.

What saddened me was that it seemed as though the suffering at-risk children of America were forgotten.

Again, even amongst those who have a passion for children – the INVISIBLE at-risk children of America are forgotten. 

For me – for this to truly be a Cutting Edge conference no at-risk children would have been forgotten.

What do you think?  Do you think American children are important too?  Do you think they hurt just like other children from other countries?  Whose fault is it that American at-risk children are invisible?


3 responses to “Cutting Edge Conference – Was It Cutting Edge?

  1. I believe all children are important and they hurt just like any other children from other countries and right here in the US. The fault lies with parents who don’t nuture there children properly and so the child becomes invisible in his parents eyes, the childs eyes and in societies eyes. I think he/she just feels no one cares and they begin to live a probelmatic life style at the most important time of their development (elementary school).

  2. Patricia,

    I agree totally – well said!

  3. Wish to understan this project well.

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