After School Programs – Change Without Substance

by Wanda Parker

“They have healed the brokenness of My people superficially; saying peace, peace, but there is no peace.”  Jeremiah 6:14

This is what we do with children at-risk when we give them homework help, we have a Bible time, we buy them toys and gadgets BUT we don’t deal with the brokenness of their families of origin. 

Substance is taking the effort, the time to build a relationship with each kid’s primary nurturer. 

  • Become a trusted friend. 
  • Model living a righteous life
  • Model a strong work ethic
  • Model parenting – even if you yourself don’t have your own child, model through nurturing his/her child
  • Model dealing with life’s unexpected circumstances
  • Model healthy relationships
  • Model handling of emotions
  • Be vulnerable, transparent, share your life

Don’t only throw Jesus or money at families in crisis and tell them that all will be well. Breaking generations of family brokenness demands so much more than that. 

Depending on your worldview, doing one or the other may make you feel good but it won’t bring lasting transformation to the family nor to the child.  You may do more harm than good.  You may walk away with a puffed up ego but the family may sink lower than they were before. 

What is your motivation?  Who do you truly care for – the family or yourself?

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