Mobilize the Church to Serve The Poor

By Wanda Parker

KidTrek’s vision is to mobilize the Church to serve families-in-crisis in America. 


Within each family-in-crisis there is at least one at-risk child.  A child who is not receiving the spiritual nurturing that God commanded in Deuteronomy 6:7  for us to provide.


“You shall teach them diligently to your sons and

shall talk of them when you sit in your house and

when you walk by the way and when you lie down and when you rise up. 


In other words “walking through life with kids.”  To adequately walk through life with children you must also do so with their primary nurturers and siblings. Recent research is showing that only working with children does not produce lasting transformation.


In each community there will be:

  •  Six (6) Local Churches. 
    • A Local Church is a church that is in a community where there is a prevalence of families-in-crisis. 
  • Four (4) Resource Churches. 
    • A Resource Church is a church in a middle-class to upper-class neighborhood that wants to serve the poor who live in close proximity to them. 

Congregants in both types of churches can choose at what level of involvement they are able to serve.  It might be someone giving an hour a week to tutor or a medical doctor saying s/he will provide pro-bono medical care for a family without insurance or a family in the church adopting a family-in-crisis.  These are just three examples of hundreds.  The key is for Christians to find where God wants them to serve and/or give.


KidTrek is placing two (2) Front Line Staff into each local church. 


Frontline staff are employees of KidTrek, they report to KidTrek not the church.  They will become members of the church, but are not on staff of the church. 

The ultimate goal for the frontline staff is to model, for the church congregation how to serve the poor, how to bring them to a place of life transformation in Jesus Christ.  We believe, contrary to the belief of many, that Christians want to serve the poor but they don’t know how.  As this vision is lived out in churches across America Christians will be taught and given the opportunity to “serve the least of these.”  The Frontline Staff works with both local and resource churches.


Because adults will trust you with their children before they will trust you with themselves the frontline staff begins by setting up an after-school ministry.  The after-school ministry is run on the local church campus.  Through being faithful in ministry to the children the church wins the trust of the primary nurturers and the community. This opens doors throughout the community for Christians to connect to those who would otherwise hold them at a distance.


In doing so the Church will once again become the center of the community rather than the government being the center.


KidTrek will continue to provide training for Associate Ministries – those who need training but wish to run their own ministry to the poor.



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