KidTrek Training

By Wanda Parker

 KidTrek Training
 July 14-22, 2009 and October 6-14, 2009

KidTrek training is the most comprehensive training for Christian after school ministries that I am aware of.

It is 8/80 – eight days and over 80 hours.  It is intense!  It is thorough!

Dr. David Duboise, professor and researcher on mentoring, says that faith based after school programs often fail because the workers don’t know or understand child development.  By the end of the 8/80 you will have a good understanding of child development.

One attendee said this at the end of KidTrek Training

“This week has been an eye-opening experience of awesome learning, frustrated realization, amazing encouragement and being stretched beyond what I thought possible.  It is rare that a vision can be so catching – it is because it comes from how Jesus did ministry!  KidTrek offers my ministry not a quick fix or curriculum to fill time but an outlook on ministry that requires complete surrender and reliance on our Lord.  It will not be easy but so worth while to reaching kids and families with the truth and love of Jesus!

Thank you!

I caught it and now have the task to infect others”

Roxanne, First E.V. Free Chicago


KidTrek Training may be intense but it is never boring.  If you want to see some pictures from various trainings click here


Research is telling us today that most mentoring programs are failing, most after school programs are not   getting results.  But it doesn’t have to be that way.  The same research tells us that it is possible to make a lasting result in the lives of kids. 


KidTrek training is based first and foremost on what the Bible says about nurturing children, Deuteronomy 6. Secondly the training is based on what today’s research says kids need for lasting change.  Amazingly – they agree. 


For more information on training click here

For KidTrek Training Registration Form click here  As of today we have 11 spaces available.

For a testimonial of the February 2009 Training click here


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  1. I think your blog is wonderful! Thank you for inviting me to take a look! Great job!

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