Children’s Ministry Training

By Wanda Parker

KidTrek Training  July 14-22,2009 and October 6-14, 2009
Discipling as Jesus did
Aimed to enhance your Children’s Ministry
Providing the tools to make disciples who are fully devoted to Jesus – even through their teens

“This week has been an eye-opening experience of awesome learning, frustrated realization, amazing encouragement and being stretched beyond what I thought possible.  It is rare that a vision can be so catching – it is because it comes from how Jesus did ministry!  KidTrek offers my ministry not a quick fix or curriculum to fill time but an outlook on ministry that requires complete surrender and reliance on our Lord.  It will not be easy but so worth while to reaching kids and families with the truth and love of Jesus!

Thank you!

I caught it and now have the task to infect others”

R .E., Director of Children and Family Ministry, First E.V. Free Chicago

What is your church’s Children’s Ministry like?

Do kids love to come to church?  Are they being challenged to grow into men and women of God?  Are they learning the truths of the Bible in a way that those truths are being internalized?  Or are they being entertained? 

Are the dhildren in your church being discipled?

According to Thom S. Rainer, in The Bridger Generation, what children most need are adults who truly care and are involved in their lives.  Adults other than mom and dad.

Years ago I heard of a study where they interviewed siblings who had grown up in Christian homes but one sibling was walking with the Lord as an adult and one sibling was not.  The question was why?  What made the difference?  Certainly it had to be something that went on in the home.  But over and over the factor that made the difference was that the sibling who was walking with the Lord as an adult had as a child (not a teen, a child) a close relationship with adult(s) in the church other than mom and dad.  The sibling who had walked away from the Lord had never connected to adults in the church.

Why is this so important?

Those relationships made them feel as though they belonged, they were an integral part of the church.  They weren’t shoved off to another part of the church to just be entertained and babysat.  They may be in a different part of the church – but the adults who were with them were engaged with them in meaningful ways.  There were intentional times when there were intergenerational activities. Everyone in the church was aware of the Children’s Ministry and its importance.

The church was family. 

KidTrek will equip you, regardless of the size of your church, to implement this intentional ministry.

Rainer in the Bridger Generation, which are those born between 1977 to 1994, says they are the most churched generation ever.  However, only 4% of them are making decisions for Christ.

If that is true of that generation – what about those who follow them?  Will their numbers be even less?  Can your church continue to do things the way they always have?  

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