Children’s Ministry – Applying KidTrek Training To

By Wanda Parker

(I am now writing in regard to Children’s Ministry at  I will continue to write in regard to Christian After School Programs here.)

Training is now offered on-line

It is vital that we make sure our Children’s Ministries are effective in long term transformation in the lives of the children.  KidTrek Training can assist you making sure this happens.  Read below to see how the training can bring life to your children’s ministry.

The training is purposefully kept small so that each trainee can receive individualized interaction with KidTrek Staff.  Throughout the week trainees Goal Board – after each session they write out how that session can be applied to their unique ministry.  By the end of the week a plan of action has been developed for enhancing their ministry based on the unique vision of their church.

1.      Spiritual

a.      Challenges for your own spiritual growth so you return ready to meet all God has for you in the coming years

b.      Christ Centered Ministry – how do we create a Children’s Ministry and stay centered on Christ?   

c.      Children and Salvation – a tool to train your staff/volunteers in presenting the gospel to children

d.      Matthew 18

e.      Proverbs 22:6

f.        Mark 10:13-16

g.      Deuteronomy 6

h.     How to use the giftedness of your staff/volunteers

i.      Spiritual Warfare – preparing for the war that will come if we in Children’s Ministry are doing our jobs with excellence

j.      Creating a plan for intentional discipleship of each child

2.      Administration

a.      Strategic Planning

b.      Learn a tool to brainstorm with your team to create Purpose Statements and Guiding Values for each area of the Children’s Ministry.

c.      Philosophy of Ministry development

d.      Emergency plans each Children’s Ministry volunteer should know

e.      Setting standards for staff and volunteers

f.        How to train your staff/volunteers to deal with abuse issues

g.      Volunteer Management – building strong ministry teams

h.     Cultural Awareness – a tool to train your staff/volunteers as your church becomes more diverse

i.      Program formats and Organizational Charts – a time to think through how you want your overall children’s ministry to look.  Who are the people you will need to make this happen?

3.      Child Development

a.      Wholistic Development of the child/teen

b.      The Hurried Child – how can we harm kids in our ministries?

c.      Reality Learning – how do children learn; how do we engage them so they want to learn?

d.      Emotional Needs of Children – this helped to recruit many a children’s worker when I was a children’s pastor

e.      Relational Ministry – how do we disciple the children so they will walk with Jesus into eternity?  Children’s ministry is not just an hour on Sunday morning and an hour on Wednesday night – it is walking through life with children and their families.

f.        Discipline Tools

4.      Programming

a.      How to present the Bible so kids will understand, internalize the truths and have fun

b.      Crafts – how to use crafts so it isn’t just a fun activity

c.      Recreation – how do you do recreation and have the Bible concept caught.  Why is recreation important in a children’s ministry?

d.      Importance of being a family in the Family of God

e.      Perhaps a new slant on Bible memorization

f.        How to have a program where new non-churched kids will feel welcome


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