Youth Development Center or Deficit Center

By Wanda Parker

“Our goal is not to raise good godly kids!
Our goal is to raise great and godly adults!”

Brenda John

If you want to see lasting results from your ministry to at-risk kids it is imperative that you think out into the future.  What do kids need today to become great and godly adults 40 years from now?

There are two very distinct type of ministries/programs.  Which one do you think will produce the best results?

The largest majority of ministries run deficit or drop in centers.


  • Emphasis on kid’s deficit
  • Provide one or two activities to meet a kid’s deficit
    Learning Center
    Bible Clubs
    Recreation Programs
    Drug/Sex Education
  • Concentrate only on the kids
  • Large numbers
  • Fragmented involvement with kid
  • No set length of time to work with kid
  • Kids only receive
  • Short-term success BUT no lasting positive impact

Youth Development Center

  • Emphasis on kid’s potential
  • Whole-istic – work with whole kid
  • Kids register-attendance required
  • Work with family/school/social service providers
  • Small number of kids (1 adult per 5 kids)
  • Purposeful
    Written plans for each kid
  • Long term commitment
  • Kids eventually led to give
  • End result oriented
  • Fully prepared for adulthood

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