Mother/Daughter Christmas Luncheon

by Wanda Parker

The room was decorated by the kids.  The tables were set – the fun was about to begin.

Christmas lunceon tables

The food began to accumulate – it looked so good.

The food began to accumulate

Oh that looks like we are only going to have dessert – I’m sure the daughters won’t mind.

The anticipation grows – and oh look there is more than desert.  Those Korean dumplings look great.

The anticipation grows


Yum Yum everything tastes so good

Everything tastes so good.  Even better was the sharing of favorite Christmas memories.  It was so great to hear the children speak of trimming the Christmas tree with their moms.  What happy memories.  The moms spoke of Christmases past and family still in their homeland.


Mothers and daughters worked together to name Christmas songs as they competed against the other mothers and daughters.

 What is a Christmas party without the gift passing unwrapping game?

Gift Passing

Inside the final package unwrapped was a nice coffee cup.

The memories are so important so each one goes home with a Christmas ornament of their own creation.

Christmas ornament

Then everyone stayed and helped clean up!  A fun day, a day of building memories, a day of celebration – mothers and daughters together.


One response to “Mother/Daughter Christmas Luncheon

  1. A great creative example of giving respect and dignity to both cultures. I hope others in ministry with immigrant families will find ways to blend the cultures in their communities.

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