After School Christian Summer Curriculum

By Wanda Parker

To see a sample of KidTrek Fun Zone Day Camp curriculum click here

The Country Fair Day Camp Curriculum is ready.

This is a fun curriculum which involves the kids in creating a Country Fair.  Kids need to discover that they are capable of creating and implementing an event that others will enjoy.  I love seeing the excitement and sense of accomplishment when kids see their dreams, plans and hard work produce a fun day for the neighborhood.

Through the week the kids get to experience several different types of art mediums – clay modeling, silhouettes and face painting, vegetable and fruit stamping, mask making and water colors.

They also create performances for the Big Top – illusions, clowning/miming, acting and musical acts.

Then there is science and cooking – yum yum cookies, experiments, plants and bugs and rocks and seashells.

But what I really love to observe is when the kids are led in the creating of a plan for the day of the fair.  At times you can actually see the wheels turning.  In the midst of the planning comes teachable moments in the importance of compromise.  There is also ample opportunity for the kids to think critically as they think out to the day of the fair and how their decisions today will affect what happens on the day of the fair.

What I love about it is that this all just happens naturally.

The kids don’t even realize the important life skills they are learning because they are having so much fun.

A Country Fair

A Country Fair


One response to “After School Christian Summer Curriculum


    what ages does the curriculum serve? what is the cost? i need it for this summer.
    georgia gerard-reed, direcotr. Cornerstone Christian Academy.

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