Essential Church – Discipleship of Children – Super Summer Sundays

By Wanda Parker

Summer is an awesome time to get the entire church involved in Children’s Ministry.

Kids need a break from the routine ministry of the school year, at the same time the intentionality of discipleship must not waver.

How better to do that than to enlist people to share their vocations and/or hobbies with the kids.  In doing so they share how the Lord guides them to be a witness for Christ in the world.  They back up what they do with scripture.  The kids thus connect with many more adults in the church.  When they see these adults walking around the church they remember the testimony they heard.

You have adults who commit to be with a group of children every Sunday for the summer, but they have little preparation.  You do train them before they begin and give them tools for discipline, guided conversation, small group disscussion, presenting the gospel, etc.. 

The presenters commit to one Sunday for the summer.  Be sure to provide training for the presenters so the presentation is age appropriate. 

For Sundays when it is difficult to get enough presenters have a Bible Scavenger Hunt or a Bible Treasure Hunt on the campus of the church.  Do other creative things that get the kids into the Bible during the summer but keep them excited and engaged throughout.

My experience has been that by the end of summer the kids are looking forward to getting back into the routine of the school year.

When people have a good experience with the kids they are open to do more in Children’s Church.  You want to be continually thinking of how to make children’s ministry front and center in the church and in a positive light. 

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