Christian After School Programs

By Wanda Parker

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It is so easy to give material goods when what is really needed is human love – but that is more difficult and more expensive to give.


It is much easier to get money to buy balls, computers, tutoring materials, games, toys than it is to raise money to pay salaries for loving adults to pour into the lives of kids.

Children need long-term relationships with adults who are productive, empathetic and wise. These are the characteristics we want to see replicated in children that they too become self-sufficient adults.

Below is a chart showing some of the real needs kids have if they are going to become the self-sufficient adults we all hope they will be.

  • They need to learn how to handle:
· They will need to have:
o Winning o A work ethic
o Losing o Critical thinking skills
o Pain – both physical and emotional o Knowledge of biblical truth
o Anger o Integrity
o Empathy o Honesty
o Grief o Discernment of justice
o Responsibility o Restraint.
o Disappointment o Trust
o Decision making o Self-Initiative
o Peer pressure o Industriousness
o Joy o Know Who They Are
o Sadness o Love
o Love o Forgiveness
o Forgiveness o Generosity
o Shame o
o Generosity o

Material goods won’t produce self-sufficient adults. It takes self-sufficient, loving, godly adults able to walk through life with them who can model living, who will challenge them, who know where to go to get the unique help each kid needs. It takes money to pay salaries so these adults can pour into the lives of at-risk kids who don’t have primary nurturers who can provide this kind of nurturing.

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