What type of children’s ministry does your church have? Are the children in your church being discipled?


Kids love it! Today they love it and  have fun. However,  there is no lasting change, the church isn’t essential to them, it is fun while it lasts. Sadly it is too much like going to Chucky Cheese  and the day will come when they grow out of it. Children are entertained they aren’t discipled.

PS316 – Pubic School John 3:16 Model

The Bible is taught and head knowledge is gained, however there is little internalizing of the truth that produces lasting transformation. There is no or little intentional building of relationships which makes the church essential for the remainder of their life. Children are taught the facts of the Bible, they aren’t discipled.


Ministry is carried out as a routine. Curriculum is purchased, adults are recruited to provide minimum ministry, little or no training of adults, small expectations. No intentional or individualistic ministry to children. It is your standard Sunday morning experience for children. Children are not discipled.

D6 – Intentional, Individualistic Child discipleship Model

Based on the commands of Deuteronomy 6  the entire church is engaged and equipped to walk through life with kids. Biblical truth is taught in a way kids can grasp and internalize. Mom and Dad are discipled to disciple their kids. Children are taught to apply Biblical truth the whole person – mental, physical, social, spiritual and emotional. Parents are discipled from a child’s perspective/needs. Children grow up believing the church is essential to their lives. Most importantly children grow into adulthood walking with Jesus.

KidTrek is excited about the new Sunday Plus Children’s Ministry Curriculum. Check it out here

You will find the Strategy, Curriculum Guide and the first five weeks of curriculum. Each week includes Kids’ Bible Focus, Kids Corporate Worship, Kids’ Midweek Celebration, The Shema Focus (class for mom and dad where they study the same scripture their kids are studying), Family Discipleship (tools for mom and dad to use at home.

On-line training is available. Training information here


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