Child Discipleship – A Sunday School Lesson

By Wanda Parker

(I am now writing in regard to children’s ministry at  I will continue to write here in regard to Christian After School Programs.)

What we present to children on Sunday morning will determine their walk through life with Jesus. What happens at church has a great impact on the Truth a child internalizes.

In “Essential Church?” Sam and Thom Rainer tell us we are losing 70% of our church raised kids. We haven’t been presenting The Gospel in a way that kids have been able to internalize the truth.

Much prayer has gone into the development of Sunday Plus Children’s Ministry Curriculum. Lord willing He has guided us step by step.

To see a sample Kids’ Bible Focus lesson click here This would typically be Sunday School.

Format of lesson:

Something to engage kids as soon as they enter. They sit on the floor with an adult and have non-threatening questions that leads to sharing life.

Then a simple game to which kids can be added as they enter.


An opportunity for kids to actually experience the Biblical concept they are being taught.


Each week the Bible is presented in a different way. The aim is that the kids will internalize the truth that is presented.


Kids sit on the floor with their Disciplers and talk about what they have learned so far this morning. Often Disciplers are encouraged to share from their own walk with the Lord – kids need to know these truths are still applicable today.


When mom and dad ask kids what they learned that morning they will often pull out the craft they made it that morning to use in their explanation.

Also when kids hands are busy it is a great time to carry on further discussion with them – continuing to strive to help them internalize the truth.

Besides – it is fun.

Check out KidTrek Sunday Plus for Children’s Ministry blogging.


4 responses to “Child Discipleship – A Sunday School Lesson

  1. How does this work in a group of 88 2nd-4th graders?

  2. Jon,
    It works great. I’ve used these types of lessons in Children’s Ministries with over 400 children. Of course you break them down into smaller groups.

    I will email you to give you further explanation.

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