Child Discipleship – Children’s Church

By Wanda Parker

We have the opportunity to train up children to participate in corporate worship. I believe it is imperative that we do it at a level a child will become engaged and at the same time prepare them for that day they will worship as adults.

To see a sample lesson of Kids’ Corporate Worship click here


Each lesson includes


The term Nook is used here because we want this opening time to be as warm and inviting as the kitchen nook at grandma’s house on a sunny morning with the smell of donuts frying.

An adult is at the door to greet the kids and direct them to other adults who are on the floor ready to engage the kids in a few fun questions. The questions are non-threatening and have nothing to do with the Bible (this may be a child’s first time in any activity at church). The questions do provide more knowledge to the Disciplers of who the kids are.

There is also a simple game to play as more kids arrive.


Four or five songs are suggested that will tie into the Biblical concept being taught.


It is suggested that the liturgy used in adult church be followed during this time.


A skit is presented which is a modern living out of the scripture that was presented in Kids’ Bible Focus (Sunday School Hour).

After the skit the kids get in their Trek Teams with their Disciplers. Kids who were in Kids’ Bible Focus are given the opportunity to share the Bible story to get the kids caught up who weren’t there the first hour. Then the Discipler pulls the Bible lesson and the skit together with a series of questions.


God made kids to move, in recreation they have the opportunity to move – a lot!

However, the games are much more than just having fun. In recreation you can observe how much the kids are internalizing the Biblical truths they have been learning. After a game there is always a time of Debriefing.

It is an opportunity to teach the kids that Biblical truths apply in every aspect of our lives. We can be talking to Jesus no matter what we are doing. He is interested in everything we do – even when are are playing Steal The Bacon.

You can see an actual lesson here

To see a Kids’ Bible Focus lesson go here


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