Child Discipleship – Midweek Celebrations Curriculum

By Wanda Parker

(I am now Blogging on Children’s Ministry at   Go there for more information on Sunday Plus Curriculum.)

This is the third post in a series of five describing KidTrek’s new Sunday Plus Curriculum. If you have missed the posts on Sunday School and Children’s Church click back two posts.

Every element of the curriculum is about equipping The Church to provide intentional, individualist discipleship for every child in the church.

To see an actual Kids’ Midweek Celebration lesson click here

Kids’ Midweek Celebration is designed to be just that – a celebration!


Read description in post on Kids’ Corporate Worship


Kids who were at church on Sunday share what they learned Sunday with those who weren’t there Sunday. They also may be challenged to think of someone who needs to hear about the Biblical truth taught that week – how would they tell that person about this story/truth?

Celebrate God’s Word Within Me

They go over the month’s Memory Verse and play a fun game to continue their learning. Scripture Memorization is one of the places where the whole church gets involved with the kids. There is a purpose for just one verse a month. I will post this ministry in a few weeks. Verses are continually tied in throughout the curriculum.

Celebrate Truth or Desire

Kids tell their Trek Team a story of how they have applied the Biblical TRUTH of that week since Sunday OR they tell a story of a DESIRE of how they would like to apply it. The Trek Team then decides if the person was telling a TRUTH or DESIRE. Then there is celebration for what has been applied and prayer for the desires.

Celebrate In Recreation

A fun time, an opportunity to see if kids truly are applying the Biblical truths they are learning. An opportunity for kids to learn that Jesus cares about every aspect of our lives. He is with us, He is observing us no matter what we are doing. When we are having a good time He cares about us.

To see an actual Kids’ Midweek Celebration curriculum click here.


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