Child Discipleship – Equipping Parents

By Wanda Parker

The Shema Focus is a class for parents within the Sunday Plus Curriculum. The parents study the same Biblical Concept that their children are studying.

Shema is the Hebrew word for hear or listen. Stating of The Shema is declaring commitment to God alone, it recognizes the importance of knowing, living and passing on God’s Word.

Parents want to disciple their children but they need the guidance and support of the Body of Christ. God never intended parents to raise their children in isolation, but in community – The Church, the Family of God.

The Shema Focus is a time for parents to experience God’s Word coming alive to them, through their own study of the scripture while their kids are in their own groups.  It will then become natural to pass on the reality of living God’s truth with their children. Parents are challenged with the truth of God’s calling to see their responsibilities beyond their own nuclear family.

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A time for parents to connect with other parents and share joys and struggles. An opportunity to learn from one another as they share the application of what was studied the past week.

Digging Into The Word

Parents study the same Biblical passage and concept that their children are studying. They also hear what their kids have experienced in their gatherings so they can discuss it with them – especially the Reality Check portion of Kids’ Bible Focus. Shema Focus provides the opportunity to dig deeper, to go where they couldn’t go if their children were in the same gathering.


Parents get into groups of three or four, men with men and women with women, to pray over needs expressed that morning. The same group prays together each week.


Spouses meet together or two singles to pray over and plan out how they will follow through with the discipling of their children in the coming week. How many parents have this opportunity week after week?

To see an actual lesson click here



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