Child Discipleship – Connecting Church and Home

By Wanda Parker

The final element (to learn of all 5 elements see previous four posts) of Sunday Plus Curriculum provides parents a tool to use in the home for on-going discipleship of their children. The concept that has been taught at church all week continues to be taught and APPLIED at home – with mom and dad taking the lead.

See an actual Family Discipleship lesson here

family discipleship

activity and discussion

Each week an activity is suggested – something to get parents and kids physically involved in the concept of the week. Kids’ are created to be active if Family Devotions only involve reading the Bible it can be a turn off (it was for me as a child).

The activity is followed by a discussion which gets the family into the scripture. Then the family wrestles with how it will be applied.

spirit moments

Spirit Moments are about bringing God’s truth to reality in the ordinary circumstances of life.The Holy Spirit continually provides parents teachable moments – these often are the most lasting teachings our children will receive – however, we must be on the alert for them. Each week parents are given an “alert” to watch for such moments that pertain to the concept the family is learning that week.

parenting tips

Parenting Tips are written by Wanda Parker, Founder/Director of KidTrek, from her experience as a Children’s/Family Pastor, but more importantly her experience of raising three children who today have their own families all of whom walk with the Lord.

See an actual Family Discipleship lesson here.


4 responses to “Child Discipleship – Connecting Church and Home

  1. This is one of your best! And it’s one of your best because we lived it with our kids. What a blessing to remember those times.

  2. Joe – those were the days weren’t they? Weekly Family Nights all the way through the teen years – the kids looked forward to them too.

  3. Wonderful post. It will inspire many. Thanks. I’m going to link your blog to mine,

  4. Millicent Mouse,

    Thanks for the encouragement.


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