Child Discipleship: Gathering Games

By Wanda Parker

(I am now blogging about Children’s Ministry at  I will continue to Blog about After School Ministries at this site.)

What do you do when the kids first arrive? Here are a few games to get kids involved as soon as they enter.

  • Always think of that kid who has never been to church – thus an activity that everyone is engaged in, he doesn’t have to make a choice when he is feeling insecure.
  • An activity into which kids can engage as they come in one at a time.
  • Nothing Biblical – again for that kid that has never been to church before. How embarrassing when everyone but you knows what the answers are, or you have no idea what the adult is talking about. There will be plenty of time to share Christ once the child is comfortable.
  • Always have an adult at the door to greet kids and guide them into the game while a second adult is with the kids guiding the game.

Hidden Surprise

Materials :      lots of masking tape, pill bottle, Bucks, flat box, dice

Object:            To be the one to unwrap the pill box with the Bucks inside.

  • Have the kids sit with you on the floor in a circle.
    • If there is more than one Trek Team per age group have all teams sit in one large circle.
    • Disciplers play too – except for the one greeting at the door.
  • You may want to have more than one pill box wrapped so the game can be played more than once.
  • Take an empty pill bottle and place any amount of Bucks in it.
  • Wrap it up with layers of newspaper and duct tape, electrical tape or any other kind of tape.
    • You can even layer it with different types and make a huge tape ball.
  • Take a set of dice and place them in a flat box.
  • If the person rolls a double, they start working on getting the tape ball apart, while the other kids pass the dice attempting to be the next one to get a double.
  • They continue unwrapping until the next person rolls a double.
  • Keep going until someone wins the Bucks.

Play again if time allows and you have a pill bottle prepared



Materials: Several balloons of different colors

Object of game is to keep your balloon in the air longer than the opposing team.

  • Children sit in a circle.
  • Number kids off 1,2,1,2 around the circle.
  • Give a number 1 player a blown up blue balloon and a number 2 player a blown up red balloon.
  • When the adult says “GO” the balloons are batted to another player.
  • Players can only hit their own balloon.
  • If a player hits the wrong balloon he is out of the game.
    • The winning team is the team that can keep their balloon up in the air the longest.
    • This is a fun game to play over and over – expect craziness.
    • Have the kids take some deep breaths and sit without speaking for 30 seconds before going into Reality Check.

Musical Spoons

Materials :  plastic spoons

  • Kids sit in a circle.
  • Using a permanent marker place a spot on one of the spoons where it is not readily noticeable.
  • One less spoon than players are placed in the center of the circle.
    • Make sure the spoon with the dot is in the pile from the first round.
  • All players are given 3 Bucks.
  • Music is played or leader claps.
  • When the sound stops everyone tries to get a spoon.
  • The player to not get a spoon must give the leader a Buck.
  • Every fifth round the person who gets the spoon with the black dot gets all the Bucks the leader is holding.


Materials: cotton balls, masking tape

Object: to be the team with the least amount of cotton balls on their side of the circle.

  • Kids sit in a circle.
  • Cut the circle in half so half the kids are on one team and the other half are on a second team.
  • Put a strip across the center of the circle so there is no question which side the cotton balls fall.
  • Every kid starts off with 5 cotton balls.
  • When the adult says “GO” everyone begins throwing their cotton balls to the opposite side of the circle.
  • They keep throwing until the adult says, “STOP.”
  • The team with the least amount of cotton balls on their side is the winner.
  • Play it several times – the best of 3 or 5.
  • When finished have the kids take deep breaths to relax before moving into the remainder of the morning.

Every Sunday Plus lesson has a Gathering Game suggestion.


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