Child Discipleship – Scripture Memorization Games

By Wanda Parker

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It is vital that we assist kids in memorizing scripture. We never know how long we will have easy access to the Bible.

I remember hearing the story of Brother Andrew meeting with a group of pastors to discuss how the church should prepare to go underground. The response of the pastors was that this is ridiculous, this will never happen in “our country.” The following weekend the country fell to communists and it was illegal to have a Bible.

Be sure the kids understand the verse they are memorizing before playing the games.

Here are a few game to use to encourage kids as they memorize scriptures.

Dizzy Drop

Materials: a penny, blindfold, small pieces of paper with 1,000; 2,000;3,000; 4,000; 5,000   written on them


  • Decide the teams you will use for this game, Primary or Secondary.
  • Lay out the numbered pieces of paper on the floor


  • Select a volunteer from the first team to quote the verse from memory.
  • If she is able to correctly quote the verse she is blindfolded, spun around and given the penny to drop.
  • Her team receives the points closest to where the penny dropped.
  • If she is unable to correctly quote the verse she does not get any points.
  • Next select a volunteer from the second team to quote the verse from memory.
  • To go faster have a kid quote the verse to one Discipler while a second Discipler is supervising the spin and drop.
  • Don’t forget to give out Spirit Points for participation, encouraging other players, sitting quietly when it isn’t your turn.


Materials: a plate per team, a penny per team, copies of the verses

  • A Discipler from an opposing team works with a team.
  • The Discipler lays the dish down approximately 6ft.from the player.
  • The Discipler asks the player to quote the verse.
  • If she is able to quote the verse she is allowed to toss the penny.
  • If the penny lands in the plate that team gets a point.
  • The players may keep studying the verse when it is not their turn.
  • Make sure everyone goes home with a copy of the verse.

Duck Duck Verse

Materials: copy of The Ten Commandments for each kid


  • Give each kid a sheet with the verse written on it.
  • Give them a couple of minutes to study.
  • Play the game in the two big teams from recreation.
  • One player from each team is chosen to be “IT”
  • “IT” goes around the circle tapping each player on the head and saying, “Duck, Duck Duck, Verse.”
  • The player whose head is tapped “Verse” stands and chases “IT.”
  • If “IT” makes it around to the space of the player he tagged then “Verse” must say the verse.
  • If “VERSE” tags “IT” before getting to the vacant spot then “IT” must say the verse.
  • If the player is able to say the verse their team gets 1,000 points.
  • Give teams points for cheering on their players.

What’s The Next Word

Materials: a set of cards for each team, each set will have one word written on                            each  card, the reference stands as one word


  • Determine if this will be played in Primary Teams or Secondary Teams.
  • This is played similar to a relay.
  • All the word cards are laid at one end of the room and scrambled.
  • Teams are at the opposite end of the room.
  • When the adult says “GO” the first person from each team runs down and finds the first word of the verse.
  • She then runs back to his team and lays the word down.
  • The second player then runs down and looks for the second word, runs back and lays his word down.
  • If a wrong word is brought back the player must return to find the correct word.
  • The team to win is the first team to have laid its verse(s) out correctly.

More Games Click Here

In this PDF are a list of games to review the verses they’ve learned in the past year  Memory Verse Review


4 responses to “Child Discipleship – Scripture Memorization Games

  1. Thanks for the ideas, Wanda.

  2. Jean Ann Nicklas

    Wanda, Lee and I are teaching in After-School Good News Clubs. These memory games will really help us. Thanks so much. You are a blessing.

  3. That is awesome – have fun. If I can help you with anything else let me know. Did you see the “Gathering Games?” Two posts before this one. They might be fun to do as an opening time.

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