Child Discipleship: A Scripture Memorization Ministry Plan

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Hugo approached the director’s office asking, “May I quote a memory verse to you?”

“Sure,” Vonnie responded, with a thrill in her voice.

“Count it all joy, my brothers, when you meet trials of various kinds,for you know that the testing of your faith produces steadfastness. James 1:2

Hugo proudly continued . . .

It’s a good thing I memorized that verse. A kid was calling me names today and getting in my face. I kept saying this verse to myself and kept my arms at my sides . . .

“ . . . Miss Vonnie, I was steadfast.”

What a difference when kids apply the Word of God into their everyday lives.

But if Hugo hadn’t memorized that verse the week before he wouldn’t have had it on his heart when he needed it.

Scripture memorization is a vital part of discipling children whole-istically. Sunday Plus Curriculum encourages churches to set up a Scripture Memorization Ministry which eventually engages the entire church (or almost entire church).


Children will have one verse a month to memorize.  The verse will relate to the concept they are learning on Sunday morning.

Why only one verse a month?

  • Children have a tendency to memorize a verse on the way to church Sunday morning and forget it on the way home. Working on a verse for a whole month, saying it weekly to the Memory Verse Specialists and then continuing to say it in the months to come it won’t be easily forgotten.
  • Kids are taught the meaning of the verse in the Midweek Celebration.
  • The current month’s verse may be recited to the Memory Verse Specialists between services.

Children earn Bucks for memorizing the verses.

  • Children will receive additional Bucks as they retain verses and recite each of the previous month’s verses.
    • Children say past months’ verses at home to their parents.
    • The parents sign a voucher which the child turns in on Sunday morning to the Memory Verse Specialists.
  • The Memory Verse Specialist gives the child the allotted number of Bucks when the child quotes that month’s verse between services.
  • Vouchers can be picked up at the Memory Verse tables each Sunday.
    • They could also be passed out in The Shema Focus.
    • Children may say their verses and turn in the vouchers every week.

If a parent or other adult (must always be the same adult) accompany the child to the Memory Verse Specialist and can quote that month’s verse, the child receives extra KidTrek Bucks.

  • Adults may quote the verse in the translation in which they learned it.
  • An adult can quote the verse for only one child.
    • If there are four children in a family the father can quote for one child and the mother for a second child.
    • Children three and four will need to recruit other adults in the church to be their scripture memorization partners.
      • This again engages more of the church body in the discipleship of children.
      • Children are connecting with more adults in the church.

4 year olds through 2nd graders may memorize an abbreviated verse.

  • A “slash” is placed in the verse to indicate the portion they are to memorize.
  • Encourage them to memorize the entire verse if they are able.
  • Parents should also make adjustments for children with learning disabilities.


  • A child receives 5 Bucks for each verse quoted.
  • A child receives 5 Bucks for an adult who quotes the present month’s verse.
  • A child receives 5 Bucks for each past verse s/he quotes to parents and returns the voucher.
  • When two verses are given for a month and the child learns both verses, s/he receives 5 Bucks for each verse

Parental Voucher

If you would like a “Sample Voucher”  Then scroll down to the Scripture Memorization Plan pdf


6 responses to “Child Discipleship: A Scripture Memorization Ministry Plan

  1. We changed to doing memory verses for a month at a time. It makes a huge difference. I’d rather have the kids know a few verses very well.

  2. Jeff, I had the ah-ha when I realized my own children were memorizing their verses on the way to church and forgetting them on the way home.

    We also found that getting everyone in the church involved in memorizing the verses (they were willing to do it because they were doing it for the kids) raised the “excitement” to memorizing verses. At the end of the year we gave out plaques to the “families” in a Sunday morning service.

  3. I like this idea. Cool idea about getting other adults involved in the discipleship of kids. Also it helps adults memorize scripture too!

  4. Amy, Have you ever looked at the overall Sunday Plus Curriculum I’m developing? Joseph is using it at his church and it has energized their whole church. The memory verse ministry is one part of it.

  5. Wow, sounds great. Will consider this for many areas of our kids. Thanks.

  6. pastor Olupot Charles Dickens

    Yes this is a great child Ministry How I should recommend that you extend it to Uganda and work here with us , consider also sharing with active NGO in my area Give Me Hope Uganda (GMH-Uganda) using Email:

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