Child Discipleship – Presenting the Gospel #1

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This is the first of several Reality Learning lessons for presenting the Gospel.

What is a Reality Learning Lesson?  Check here

Reality Check

Materials Needed:

The circles from a hole punch (thousands of them), a container

Reality Prep

  • Prepare your hearts through a lot prayer.
    • You don’t know the direction the Holy Spirit will take this activity. Ask Him for wisdom and direction each step of the way.
    • Expect Him to give you the words if things don’t go exactly as you had planned.
  • Decide which adult will take the punishment that the kids deserve.  Decide which adults will try to cause the kids to be disobedient.
  • This is the suggested punishment: for the rest of the day, you will have to sit in the corner and pick up these little pieces of paper.  Each time you get them picked up, they will be dumped out again.  You won’t get to do anything else all day.  Someone will be watching to make sure you keep doing that over and over again.
  • Make rules up for the game that you know the kids will break.

The Activity

  • Tell the kids you are going to play a game.
  • It is a game they have played before but there are going to be new rules.
  • Stress that you are the authority.  They know you are the authority.  You are the only one who can set the rules.
  • It is important that the above is stressed.
  • Tell the kids they are going to play Sardines.
  • As the kids play, one or two other adults remind the kids that they win if they are last to find the Sardine so they should take their time.  They also can be accusatory of kids who are really trying.  Just generally try to cause trouble.
    • Best if these adults are strangers to the kids.
  • Be sure you are watching and making note of specific rule(s) each kid breaks.  You may need to write them down.  If you have a lot of kids, you will have to have more than one adult tracking the kids.  Make this fit your situation.



  • Have an adult be the “Sardine” because you want all the kids to break a rule.
  • The “Sardine” goes out and finds a place to hide.
  • It must be large enough so that all the children can squeeze into the hiding place.
  • When the “Sardine” has found his hiding place, the other kids go out to find him.
  • When the “Sardine” is found, the player gets into the hiding place with the “Sardine.”
  • The player must remain very quiet so it continues to be difficult for others to find them.
  • The first person to find the “Sardine” is the winner – usually.
  • But today, the last person to find the “Sardine” is going to be the winner.
  • However, you must really work hard to find the “Sardine.”
  • If you cheat and try to be last, it will make me feel sad that you don’t care enough about me to obey my rule.
    • Also, break MY rule and there will be a negative consequence.
  • Don’t tell them what the consequence will be.
  • If you make noise when you find the Sardine, that will be breaking My rule also.
  • If you are mean or disrespectful in any way to another kid, that will be breaking MY rule.
  • If you indicate that you think MY rules are stupid or won’t work that will be breaking MY rule.
  • Think of other rules that fits your facility but would be difficult for them to follow.


  1. Who obeyed all my rules?  If you obeyed all my rules, come to this side of the room.
    Tell each one the rule(s) they have broken and send them to the other side of the room.

To be able to join me in the rest of the activities, we are going to have today you can’t have broken even one rule today.  I told you that I was the only authority.  Your punishment is that I have all these little pieces of paper and you have to sit in the corner for the rest of the day and do nothing else but pick up those papers.  When you have them picked up, they will be dumped out again.  So, since you all broke at least one of my rules, I guess that is all that is going to happen today.

  • Let the kids agonize for a moment or two.
  • Then have an adult come forward (not one of the ones who were trying to cause trouble) and offer to take the punishment for the kids. She goes to each kid and asks, “Are you sorry for breaking the rule you broke?”  If they say “Yes,” then ask, “Would you like me to take your consequence for you?  I will pick up the paper for you.”
  • If they accept the offer, they can go to the other side of the room.
  • If they don’t accept the offer, they must go through with the punishment you have given.
  • Give them a second chance – because we are given many chances to repent and come to Jesus.
  • This adult must do what she promised and for the whole day must sit on the floor and pick up the tiny pieces of paper. Dump them out and start over again.

Present The Gospel

  • Go right into the presentation of the Gospel.
  • At the appropriate time get them to talk about how it felt to have someone willing to pay the price they should have paid.
    • This isn’t a perfect example but it gives them a slightly better understanding of what Jesus did for us.
  • BEST if the adult can be in a place where all the kids can see her as she is taking their consequence.

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