After School: Church Based – A Little More on Secondary Nurturers

The only way that a lasting difference is going to be made in the lives of at-risk kids is when The Church understands it takes intentional, individual discipleship. The Church is doing a lot of activity – what are the lasting resutls?

In previous posts I’ve talked about the importance of Secondary Nurturers in the lives of at-risk kids. Following are some specific tasks of the Secondary Nurturer.

Secondary Nurturers Walk Through Life With Five Kids

In the first week, assign each kid to a specific Secondary Nurturer for mentoring.

    1. Secondary Nurturers are at the center every day.
    2. Secondary Nurturers build a close, trusting relationship with the Primary Nurturer.
      1. This relationship is as important, if not more important, than the one with the kid.
      2.  The Secondary Nurturer should build a relationship where he is able to speak truth to the Primary Nurturer.
        1.  For instance, when a child is not obeying, assist the parent in developing a discipline strategy that fits that kid.
        2.  One Secondary Nurturer created a Behavior Chart for the Primary Nurturer to use with her children.
        3.  Another was asked to perform the funeral service when a father was murdered.
  2. Have the Primary Nurturer’s whole family in your home.
  3.  Do things together socially.
  4.  Find ways she can serve you.
  5. Treat the Primary Nurturer as an equal.
  6.  Be careful of your tone of voice.
  7.  Watch your attitude.

ü Pray continually for how you can lift up, not tear down, the Primary Nurturer but still challenge him/her to become a better parent.

ü Your relationship with the Primary Nurturer is not a job but a calling from Almighty God.

Secondary Nurturers visit the school a minimum of once a month and build a relationship with each teacher.

Volunteer in the classroom, at school carnivals, go on field trips, etc.

Realizing you may be working with five different teachers, pray over where your volunteering would reap the most benefit for kids, families, and your relationship with the school.

Secondary Nurturers build a relationship with each social service provider that is involved in each kid’s life.

Each Secondary Nurturer’s group of five kids makes up a Trek Team.

The ideal – have a Secondary Nurturer of one sex and volunteers who serve alongside the Secondary Nurturer who are of the opposite sex.


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