KidTrek After School Programs: Church Based – Helping Kids Develop A Love For Learning

The purpose of tutoring is to give the kids supplemental material that will enhance their educational experience.  Sometimes this will mean helping them catch up to the average student.

The goal is to see them go above and beyond what they have done before.

Your kids have probably struggled throughout their school experience – they hate school.

Your challenge is to give them a love for learning.

It may mean that you have to go the extra mile you have to give up doing what you want to do for yourself because you are giving to the kids.

Jacob hated school so much he just stopped going.

His Secondary Nurturer, Jim, used his vacation time to spend two weeks going to school with Jacob every day.

Sitting in the back of the room throughout the day Jim learned why Jacob hated school. The teacher was MEAN! There is no other word to describe this man who emotionally “tortured” the kids. The kids had no voice – this was a school for troubled kids. Every school day was a time of tension – not exactly an atmosphere in which kids can learn.

Jim spoke to the principal and the teacher was worked with.

It is amazing the changes that happen when the school knows that there are “outsiders” who are interested in the kids. Jim actually had a school principal, in another situation, tell him that what she was going to do for a kid she wouldn’t do if it was a parent asking.

To assist  you in the beginning stages of setting up your tutoring program is the PDF below. There are suggestions for 14 days of activities – then repeat those activities and you have your first month. If you need  help with some of the suggestions write me –



One response to “KidTrek After School Programs: Church Based – Helping Kids Develop A Love For Learning

  1. SO great, Wanda…thank you for this!!

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