After School Programs: Church Based – What Do You Do With The Kids?

There usually isn’t enough time in the day to get everything accomplished.

The kids love to come to the center because there is so much to do – with a lot of variety.


The kids bring their homework from school.  Staff and volunteers help them answer any questions they might have while being careful not to actually do the work.  The homework is also checked for accuracy and completeness.


Bible Focus/101, Crafts/The Arts, Life Skills, and Read Aloud are rotated through the week.  Each of these has curriculum suggestions.

Bible Focus/101 happens every week.  Life Skills should also be every week because there is so much that the children need to learn.  Other Life groups could be rotated. 

We suggest that you also periodically add Storytelling.  Ask an adult from your church to come and share his/her life story with the kids.  Television has stolen the art of passing down family history, generation to generation.  Kids love to hear what life was like when their parents and grandparents were kids.  Add to that the testimony of how Jesus has worked in the individual’s life and you are giving the kids a sense of their Christian heritage.  Always ask the “Storyteller” to tie it into your theme for the week/month.

Make sure they understand that the purpose of storytelling is to pass down stories of our Christian family.  Talk about the story throughout the week.  Tie it into other parts of the week.

Music, Drama, Hobbies, and Science are also possible Life Groups.  You could easily fit music in the same day you do Storytelling.  It’s best if the Storytellers don’t go too long and lose the kids’ attention.

Ask adults in your congregation to share their hobbies with the kids.  Have a series of weeks where the kids can work on a particular hobby to discover if this is an activity they would enjoy.


Curriculum suggestions are given for recreation time.  Recreation is a daily activity since the kids  need the opportunity to do what God has called them to do – MOVE!


This is a time to do assessment tests and then work with the kids in the areas they most need help.  Tutoring usually concentrates on reading and math.  Kids usually rotate into the computer lab (if available) once a week during tutoring time.


The end of day when all ages come together – including teens – to sit and review, celebrate, share good and bad – BE A FAMILY.


Every unit of KidTrek curriculum will include five biographies.  Each biography will be either a Christian man or woman, representing one of each of the five ethnic groups in our country (African American, Asian American, Latino American, Native American, and European American.)


Every day when the kids arrive from school, the very first thing they will do is to enjoy a healthy snack. More than food, this is a great time for Secondary-nurturers to catch up with their kids, spending quality time building relationships (refer to Addendum at end of this section for examples of some healthy snacks).


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