After School Program: Church Based – What Secondary Nurturers Have Done . . .

Directors of After School Ministries were asked what they had had to be willing to do as Secondary Nurturers. 

Am I Willing To:

  •  Baby-sat Overnight
  • Prayed with them
  • Give up personal time (After work, weekends, etc.)
  • Sit in a dirty house
  • Eat food that the kids bring from home
  • Go to the kids’ special events like games, concerts, and/or plays
  • Give them a ride (To church, to clinic, grocery store, etc.)
  • Listen
  • Help mom or dad get a job
  • Fail and be transparent
  • Cook for them
  • Help mom wash kid’s head with Rid
  • Help mom or dad clean a dirty house with roaches and spiders
  • Help mom or dad pay a bill
  • Prioritize
  • Be misunderstood
  • Be accused wrongly
  • Long suffer
  • Have people in my home
  • Be rejected
  • Be scrutinized
  • Be ignored
  • Not be taken seriously
  • Give up self
  • Wait years for results
  • Be taken advantage of
  • Look silly
  • Challenge parents
  • Do hair when necessary
  • Donate or buy clothes
  • Feed the hungry
  • Preach the word at all times
  • Be called names
  • Show fear
  • Admit failures
  • Submit to authority when younger than me
  • Engage teenagers
  • Confront adults when wrong
  • Introduce myself to strangers
  • Be cursed at
  • Discipline children that are not mine

 Am I Willing To…  –

  • Be a taxi
  • Give more to another child than my own
  • Deal with simple parents
  • Give of myself
  • Be used and abused
  • Be someone’s babysitter
  • Be the bad guy and tell a parent to wake up and smell the coffee
  • Never give up on a child
  • Give up my weekend for my child
  • Open up my home
  • Sit in a dirty house
  • Deal with boyfriends
  • Call 911
  • Call children and family services to report activity
  • Stay up all night looking for a child that’s not home
  • Deal with a child that wants to kill herself
  • Deal with a world of addicts and thieves to reach a single child
  • Deal with mothers who want older siblings to do their job of raising little ones
  • Help change the way a mother deals with life and her children
  • Give of my material things to help
  • Be aware and make an effort to attend a child’s special event such as a Birthday party, sporting event or school activity, etc
  • Eat food prepared from a child’s household if I have been invited to do so by a parent upon their request
  • Help a child / family with his / her special needs if I am able to be of a help
  • Fight for the child at school – though it takes hours and hours and is emotionally draining.
  • Help a child become successful for life
  • Assist a child to the restroom if necessary
  • Hurt with those who hurt and celebrate with those who deserve praise
  • Be fair to all children showing firmness and mercy regardless of who is involved in such matters
  • Take Dollars when needed and also give them when a child earns them
  • Be noticed outside of the Youth Development Center
  • Say ‘hello’ and promote the program with those whom I come in contact with despite if they asking questions of whom I am and what it is that I do in the Center
  • Stay a few extra minutes if necessary to help assist a child with a task he / she may have

 Am I Willing To… 

  • Spend time with a kid after hours
  • Go swimming after hours
  • Stay for dinner
  • Give up weekend time
  • Talk with kids and parents that don’t really know me
  • Sit in a dirty and smelly house
  • Take mom on errands or to work
  • Help mom or dad or brother find a job
  • Help mom or dad get new clothes for job or work
  • Take kids to church
  • Talk with parents about parenting style and kids misbehavior
  • Give parents adult education
  • Invite kids and families to my house
  • Clean a house
  • Help kids pick out new clothes
  • Take a kid with my on my errands
  • Call teachers at home
  • Report bad incidents or legal issues to parent or authorities
  • Give up money… not borrow money
  • Give up something for a family without expecting it back
  • Go to a child sports game or school play, etc

Am I Willing To…

  • Spend my own money to help a family in need
  • Work with a teacher even though she may be against Christianity or maybe even an atheist
  • Clean up dirty and disgusting bathrooms
  • Take a family to church
  • Be transparent to each other and to the kids
  • Put aside church responsibilities for the kids
  • Be taken advantage of
  • Ask for prayer
  • Share the gospel with disinterested parents
  • Eat in a dirty home
  • Sit on the couch of a lice infested home
  • Take a parent grocery shopping
  • Spend quality time with the kids on weekends

 Am I Willing To…

  • Give “personal” time outside of scheduled work hours to build a relationship
  • Really listen to a child and hear what’s important to him/her and remember it
  • Confront a staff when he/she is behaving in a harmful/negative way, especially with the children
  • Invest time talking with those more experienced in the ministry to learn from him/her
  • Admit that you don’t know everything about doing this ministry and be willing to grow
  • Be confident in the authority, ability, and strength God gives you to be the leader and servant He has called you to be
  • Spend time with a child’s parents who don’t speak English, even though it’s awkward
  • Lay down your life for the advancement of the kingdom of God through serving a child

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