KidTrek: Church Based After School Program – DISCIPLINE 101

Whenever you get a group of children together there is going to be a need for discipline – not just discipline of the children, but the adults too.

All too often we have problems with children because we aren’t prepared; we haven’t thought through the day and imagined all the likely scenarios.

Yes there are times when we have done all we can and a kid acts out.  BUT – we should be prepared for that too.

In our KidTrek Training we challenge trainees to get to know each kid individually.  Each kid has different needs, different trigger points, different challenges at home over which he has no control.  For you to have a disciplined after school program you must know each kid as an individual.


KidTrek Bucks is an effective tool used for disciplining BUT so much more. (Explanation of Bucks at above link is part of KidTrek’s Sunday Plus Children’s Ministry Curriculum/Philosophy)

The kids have to pay for everything with KidTrek Bucks.

  • School Supplies:
    • Paper – $2 per sheet
    • Pencil/colored pencil – $6 / rental – $5
    • Eraser – $5 / rental – $4
    • Pen/crayon – $7/ rental – $5
    • Ruler – rental – $5
    • Scissors – rental – $5
    • Glue stick – $10 / rental – $6
    • Bottle of glue – rental – $5
    • Calculator – rental – $7
    • Copies – $4 per copy
  • Field Trips
  • Snacks
  • Amenities
    • Computer: $5/15 minutes (non-schoolwork)
    • Pool Table: $10/person per hour
    • Ping Pong: $10/person
    • Board Games: $5/person for each game
    • Jump Ropes: $10
    • Cup of ice: $5
  • There is also a store that has all sorts of fun things and necessary items.
  • At one center the kids asked if bread could be put in the store.  The director told me, “I live in this neighborhood and I didn’t realize there were kids who were hungry.”   Again know your kids and their families.

Paying for everything teaches the reality of life.

BUCKS teach critical thinking as well as delayed gratification.

(Will continue these thoughts later in the week.)


2 responses to “KidTrek: Church Based After School Program – DISCIPLINE 101

  1. Michelle Castle

    How many bucks do kids in KidTrek earn in a typical week? One thing that I find difficult with our student store is pricing things appropriately compared to the amount of bucks kids earn. Starting to charge for everything would make it even more difficult to find the right balance, but I like the idea of using the bucks for amenities, games, and some snacks.

  2. Michelle,

    We have a set amount we charge – it is $1 to purchase at a store is 10 Bucks in the KidTrek Store. Now there is inflation that has to be dealt with.

    Some kids love to save up their money and then they have so much that it can wipe you out. So you have an auction at Christmas and other special times and have good stuff the kids want.

    One of the churches that uses the Sunday Plus Children’s Ministry Philosophy and thus uses Bucks and Banking in the Children’s Ministry has started something you might try. A kid wanted more of Church Bucks so he brought a bunch of his old toys he didn’t play with anymore and set up a table. The children’s director was concerned about this and I thought it was great. So now they are going to have a “Garage Sale” everyonce in a while when the kids can bring their toys and sell to each other using the Bucks they have earned in Children’s Ministry.

    You want the kids to have to wait to purchase things – it teaches delayed gratification and critical thinking. I’ll be sharing a story regarding this later this week.

    Other than inflation what is your concern?

    The amount of Bucks kids earn in a week can vary quite a bit – depending what is happening, what they are involved in during the week, etc. In our training we give the basics but each center develops the details depending on the uniqueness of their center – thus I’m having difficulty giving you a definitive answer.

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