Christian After School Programs – Getting Started


  1. Prayer (Jesus, direct our thoughts, open our hearts and eyes to what you see)
  2. Brainstorm
    1. What is your purpose?
    2. What do you value?
    3. What is your present situation?
    4. Who is your target group?
    • Believers
    • Non-believers
    • Ethnicity
    • Socio-economic
    • Ages

LINK TO MORE QUESTIONS  and MORE as you are asking the why, what, how

What are their real needs vs. felt needs?

What does that mean? Click here

  1. Prayer (Jesus, how can our church best meet the needs of what You have shown; direct our planning)
  2. Look at possible programs 
    1. What will each day look like?
  3. What resources do we have available?
    1. People
    2. Materials
    3. Facilities
    4. Finances
  4. Prayer (Lord of order, show us Your order)
Write SMART Goals
  1. Will these goals help fulfill our purpose?  Do they meet our values?  Do they agree with our philosophy?
  2. Break SMART Goals into steps
  3. Place steps onto a time line

2 responses to “Christian After School Programs – Getting Started

  1. nancy sheffield

    I have been running an afterschool program at a baptist church for 7 yrs. It can be very rewarding and challenging all at the same time. Most important factor….HIRE GODLY PEOPLE THAT SHARE THE SAME BELIEF VALUES!! e Everything else is secondary, to the type of people who run the program.. I have 3 awesome college students right now that invest heavily in our kids. We have a variety of denominations but one core belief…JESUS IS THE ANSWER FOR THE WORLD TODAY. The kids have complete confidence in all of us and we have an open door to win them to J esus.
    Through the years there have been difficult times with bad attitudes. Looking back I see it was the people I had supervising and working with the kids. If all someone wants is a job to get paid, they will not contribute and the program will have problems. We see lifes change and kids that don’t want to go home because they feel so loved and accepted. That is my goal….content kids being exposed to the love of Jesus everyday in every way!
    A heart for kids is the key and a love for Jesus is a must. The 2 combinded builds an awesome program!!

  2. Amen Nancy!

    It is impossible to have a Christian ministry if the leaders aren’t Christians.

    Over the many years of training ministries to serve at-risk kids we have learned also of the necessity of being intentional beyond what you do on site. Becoming “mom’s” best friend is vital –

    Research shows that most after school programs fail when you look out into the future. You may see changes today but will those changes last? Be sure that you aren’t just satisfied with today but KNOW what the kids need for lasting change.

    May the Lord bless you in your ministry.

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