Christian After School Programs: STANDING IN THE GAP

You’ve either read it or heard someone preach on it; Ezekiel 22:30 says,

“I looked for a man among them who would build up the wall and
 stand before me in the gap on behalf of the land so I would not
 Destroy it…”

Does “standing in the gap” mean YOU must be the one on the front lines?

No! There are hundreds, if not thousands, of opportunities you can partner with churches and missionaries to “stand in the gap.”

There is an unwritten rule in the hood. Never “snitch” or you will pay for it.

We are seeing our kids grow and change in how they think, act, and behave, especially while at the Center.

This summer there have been a lot of visitors – kids staying with grandparents, cousins, new comers.

Recently 3 community kids decided to steal 3 pairs of roller blades from the Center. When we realized they were missing we asked around about who did it, but no one would tell us that they knew where they were…

…following that code of “No snitching”
The next day when we followed up and asked some questions of our Core kids, one boy admitted he knew who took them and told us about it. When asked why he did not say something the day before, he replied,

“I wanted to give them a chance to ‘come clean’ but when they didn’t I came to tell you.”

Once he came forward others also came forward to tell us exactly how the boys managed to steal them. At first the two guilty kids lied and refused to admit their guilt telling us they bought them at the store.

But when they realized they were “caught” they confessed and asked to be forgiven.
The third kid did not come around until later that day and he insisted that he did not steal them; that he had “found them behind a bush” and was bringing them back to us.

When he realized that we knew he had stolen them, he confessed and asked us to forgive him. We are praying he will be one of our new kids in one of our Core groups.

Three years ago no one would have broken the rule and “snitched”!
Praise God that there are now kids willing to stand against “The Code”and do what is right according to God’s Word.

It was a great time to share and reinforce God’s rules from The Bible, our guidebook, with the one kid who has been in KidTrek for 2 years (and says he was led to do wrong by the two other non-KidTrek kids).

They are great kids; they just do not have the truth of God to live by. We had a great discussion the following day with all the neighborhood kids about God’s Word being The Truth by which we make decisions

When there are adults to “stand in the gap” the kids  lives are transformed. 


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