Christian After School Programs: Framed Pictures

“You sure have a lot pictures of your children all over your house,” Alex commented as he picked up a nicely framed picture of Tom’s youngest child.

Tom stopped in his tracks and looked at Alex – there was pain written on his face.

Alex continued, “I don’t remember ever having a picture of myself up in my house.”

Tom had been walking through life with Alex for several years. Alex had been in and out of his home, how many times had Alex looked at each of the pictures and longed to be loved as Tom’s children were.

Pictures denote love, they are usually filled with warm memories – times we don’t want to forget. For the youngest of kids they are memories that they won’t remember without the pictures.

Take pictures of the kids in your after school program. Everywhere you go, everything you do – take pictures.

Place them in frames that show you truly do care – crystal frames, walnut hanging frames, gold embossed frames, silver plated, colored enamel frames.

Put them everywhere – on walls, on shelves, even in bathrooms.

If the kids come to your home have pictures of them in your home.

Start today to gather your frames and pictures – then watch the smiles on the faces of the kids.


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