Church Based After School Ministry: Volunteer Standards

Do your volunteers know what your expectations are of them beyond what the job description says?  We all have expectations of behavior …

Let them know – here are some to get you started. Is something missing here?


1. Promptness is expected for all committed volunteer activities.

2.  Always be positive and encouraging in your interaction with the children.  Do not participate in or encourage rowdy behavior such as chasing, wrestling, tickling, etc.

 3. Good hygiene and clean clothing are to be exhibited at all times.

 4. Dress modestly.  (Example:  No midriffs, short shorts, etc.)

 5. Praise children for positive behavior; ignore negative behavior unless instructed by staff to do otherwise.

 6.Leave discipline to primary staff; do not interfere in the staff’s discipline procedures.

 7. If a problem arises, please seek appropriate staff member; do not take the situation into your own hands.

 8. Never be alone with a child.

 9. Limit physical contact with children to short hugs, pats on the back, etc.

10. Profanity, gossip, and other inappropriate language are absolutely unacceptable.

11.  Interaction with children outside of KidTrek is not permitted without the approval of the  KidTrek Director.

12. Continually strive to help us create a safe and loving environment for the children where they can see Christ modeled.

13. Understand each classroom’s established procedures.

14. Avoid asking personal questions and using terminology that are offensive to the children such as “homeless,” “Skid-Row,” “hotel kids,” etc.

15. Know your abilities and limits in working with children.  There are other ways of serving besides working hands-on with children such as cleaning, special projects, etc.

16. Encourage children to have proper table manners which include using “please” and “thank you,” not leaving the table without permission, not roaming around, etc.

17. Be familiar with the kid’s KidTrek Standards and encourage the kids to obey them.  (Watch out for manipulation!)

18. Understand that there are KidTrek students who have special needs.  Please make the effort to inquire of those needs.

19. Look for opportunities to be of help whenever possible, such as asking a staff member how you can be of assistance.

20. Be a good and positive role model.  (Example:  Be sensitive to the noise level during activities.)

21. Come to KidTrek with proper rest.  Be cheerful and energetic.

22. Picture-taking of KidTrek kids is not allowed without the consent of the KidTrek Director.

23. Respect the children’s boundaries.

24. Because of the trust and confidentiality that the staff has with the children, understand that situations may occur when a staff member needs to speak in privacy with a student at which time the volunteer may be asked to leave the room.

25. It is inappropriate for a volunteer to receive kids’ phone numbers and addresses without the permission of the KidTrek Director.

26. It is inappropriate for a volunteer to give money and gifts to children without the approval of the KidTrek Director.


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