Church Based After School Ministry: Walking Through Life with Parents

From A secondary nurturer

I have been walking through life with Safire, and her son Josiah, for about a year and half now.

Safire has no idea where Josiah’s father is and does the best she can to raise him with no help or guidance. Josiah has not seen his dad in about four years.

He is a very bright kid, but has been in his share of trouble at school since I met him. In time, the Lord has opened doors for me to really develop a good relationship with Josiah.

This has led her to be open to share her heart about her struggles; I thank God for that. 

I invited Safire and Josiah to go to church with me and my family last Sunday. After the service we then invited them to join us for dinner that evening. After dropping Safire off at home, Josiah went home with us as he does on occasions.

I told Safire that I would pick her up at 6:00 PM that evening. When I arrived to pick her up there was a big group of people standing in front of their home. The group seemed to be very agitated and riled up.

When Safire got into the car I asked her what was happening. She told me she was getting ready to get into a fight with the sister of her ex-boyfriend.

Had that dinner appointment not been set, only God’s knows what could have happened next.

  I thank God for the Kidtrek model of walking through life with the entire family, enabling me to walk through this process with Safire. 

Had we not received KidTrek’s training, and implemented their model into our program Safire and Josiah would not be exposed to the Gospel as much as they are today.

God is good! Thank you Jesus!


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