Church Based After School: Why Do It?

Why are you involved in a Church Based
After School Ministry?

Are the hours with a bunch of hyped up kids everyday worth it?

Is having to help a mom delice her home worth it?

Is it worth having to delice your own home because you discovered you and your daughter got the lice from the child? Also having to let 12 other moms know their children have lice too.

Is it worth having to climb out of bed in the middle of the night to assist a family in crisis?

Is it worth having a parent yell at you and then because you just stand there and take it she goes from anger to remorse and you must comfort her.

Is it worth going to bed in tears because you can’t seem to get through the anger of a hurting teen.

Is it worth having to help a teen clean a filthy (bird poop all over, rat droppings every where) apartment she shares with her dad?

The list is endless…

It was a normal afternoon, a normal
one-on-one tutoring time.

The assignment was for the child to write an essay. He wrote for a while and then looked up at his Secondary-Nurturer and said, “I’m afraid of dying.”

Though shocked by this sudden outburst she responded, “Why?”

“Because I keep having dreams that I am in hell.” he said.

She asked if he would like to know how he could be assured he wouldn’t go to hell and he said yes. So she used a small track, “God Loves You,” which explains what Jesus has done for each of us – if we are willing to submit our lives to Him. The sixth grader said he wanted to do this. The Secondary-Nurturer talked with him about this not being a magic prayer, that it is dependent on his truly meaning it. They prayed together.



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