Church Based After School: Parental/Guardian Agreement

It is vital to build a strong trusting relationship with each kid’s Primary Nurturer. I discussed this earlier in a post about Being Mom’s Best Friend.

 As in all healthy relationships communication plays a key role. Thus at the very beginning letting the Primary Nurturers know what will be expected of their children and of themselves will make your relationship with them run much smoother.

You will note as you read through the agreement that we do not use the term Secondary Nurturer. The term mentor is always used in interacting with Primary Nurturers.

Parental/Guardian Agreement


  • Parent/guardian must have an initial meeting with a member of the Mentor team.
  • Parent/guardian must complete the registration form for each kid.
  • Parent/guardian should be willing to attend parent/guardian meetings each session – Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer.
  • If there is a space in the kid’s age group, attendance can begin.
  • If there is a waiting list in the kid’s age group, s/he can attend as soon as a space opens.


  • Once enrolled, the kid is expected to attend every day.
  • The parent/guardian will notify the church if the kid will be absent.  Excused absences include sickness, doctor’s appointment, out-of-town trip, death in the family.
  • Kids must sign in before 3 p.m.each day, but not before 2:30.
  • Kids must be picked up by parent/guardian at 5:30 p.m.  If the parent/guardian is late two times, it will result in the kid’s suspension.
  • Kids will not be released to anyone other than those whom the parent/guardian has indicated on the kid’s registration form.


  • If a kid misses two days without an excused absence, the kid’s Mentor will call the parent/guardian.
  • If a kid misses another day (3 days total), the kid will be dropped from the program. The parent/guardian will be notified by a phone call and a letter.
  • A kid on the waiting list will be assigned to the kid’s place at KidTrek.


  • Kids are expected to behave with respect toward adults and the other kids.
  • The parent/guardian will be called if his/her kid is consistently misbehaving.
  • Kids may be suspended from center if the behavior does not improve.
  • Kids may lose their spot at the KidTrek Center if his/her behavior still does not improve after suspension.


  • Kids are responsible to bring their homework to the KidTrek Center.
  • We will work on homework for 45 minutes.
  • If homework is not finished at the Center, the parent/guardian will need to assist the kid at home.
  • We will not do the work for the kid; we will guide him/her and try to lead him/her to an understanding of how to finish the work.

I understand and agree to above statements.

Parent/Guardian Signature


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