After School Programs: The Challenge of the Pedestal

We who serve those in need are continually faced with the challenge of the pedestal.

We live in the warmth of others lifting us up, telling us we are doing things they could never do. IT FEELS SO GOOD.

Sitting on the top of the pedestal puts us in a dangerous place. We become so afraid of falling off that we have difficulty recognizing when we have failed.

If we do recognize our failure it is even more difficult to admit.

In a period of a couple of months I had three ministries approach me and ask if I could help them. Each one told me that they had been working with at-risk kids for 30 years but they had little or no results to show for it.

I gave them suggestions of what they could do to begin seeing results.

The cost was too high! None of them was willing to pay the price.

I came across this video this past week — it is a must see for anyone working in a non-profit organization.

International aid groups make the same mistakes over and over again. At TEDxYYC David Damberger uses his own engineering failure in India to call for the development sector to publicly admit, analyze, and learn from their missteps.

One day we will stand before Jesus and give an account


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