Church Based After School: Build a United Team

As you begin this new year be sure your team is united.

I will never forget taking one team through training – the poor director was blown away to discover he was continually inflicting emotional pain on his staff. This ah-ha came through a time when the staff was given tools that enabled them to sit down 0ne-on-one and share honestly in a non-threatening way.

How can you minister to the kids if your team isn’t united?

Here is ONE of the tools I used with this team before their time of one-on-one.

  1. Have them read Romans 12:1-21 silently.  Suggest they make a list of action steps the passage gives us for relating to one another. Find an  example and give before they read
  2. Have them listen as you read (without comment) A Call To Unity See Below
  3. Have participants turn to James 5:13-18.  Ask one participant to read the passage out loud.
  4. Encourage the participants to use A Call to Unity in the Body as they examine their own lives.  Encourage them to pray through areas of personal need.
  5. Pray in short, simple sentences, such as, “Jesus, make me willing to know myself as you know me” or “Jesus, give me an appreciation for each person in this room.”  Model this. 


Romans 12:1-21 (Paraphrased)

1.         Present ourselves as living sacrifices to God – dying to self.  vs.1

2.         Keep our thoughts on the things of God and not on the things of the world.  Prestige, power, and knowledge can be traps in ministry.  vs.2

3.         We must be sure we know ourselves.  Do I know what my real gifts and talents are?  Am I willing to submit to others who have different gifts and talents, or have a greater portion or measure of the same gift?  When I have a false perception of who I am, I can cause harm to others and myself.  Teenagers are known to be afflicted with this malaise, but sadly, many adults too believe they have more wisdom and/or knowledge than they really have.  Just as a teenager refuses to listen to the wisdom of Mom and Dad, adults will often refuse to listen to the wisdom of one whom God may have sent to direct them.  vs. 3 & 16

4.         Remember, there is a variety of giftedness.  vs. 6-8

5.         Be careful not to be hypocritical.  According to Webster, this is: “someone who pretends to be something he’s not.”  At times, we are hypocritical because we have fooled ourselves into believing we are someone we are not.  vs. 9

6.         Abhor what is evil; cling to what is good.  vs. 9

7.         Have a genuine love for one another.  Encourage one another, putting others first.  vs. 10

8.         Work hard; be persistent; know that all you do is for the Lord.  vs. 11

9.         Be aware of the hope we have in Christ.

10.       Be prepared for trying times with others in the body of Christ; be willing to work through them.  Don’t run from pain; walk into it.  Deal with it.  vs. 12 & 14

11.       Be devoted to prayer.  Spend quality time, every day, in prayer.

12.       Care for one another’s basic needs – health, food, clothing, housing, and emotional needs.  Know each other!  Build into each other’s lives.  vs. 13 & 15

13.       When difficulties arise, do not strike out at the other person – bless them.    vs. 14 & 17

KidTrek Training provides further tools to Build Your Team


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