Church Based After School: Teaching Kids To Plan

Planning is an important life skill.

It is a learned skill.

We must be intentional to teach the kids to plan.

This is an activity to do with your kids to help develop that skill.

Materials: Depends on what you are going to be doing.


Think of a reason the kids in your ministry have to celebrate.


  • Have all the Trek Teams meet together
  • If the teens grumble remind them you are a family. This is a time for the family to work together.
  • Tell the kids that you are going to work together to plan a celebration for (whatever fits your kids).
  • Have the kids brainstorm the planning.
    • Put their planning on wall size Post-It’s.

Possible ideas to help you with your brainstorming

    • Skits
    • Carnival Type Booths – perhaps have them open as the guests gather so they have something to do as soon as they arrive.
      • Throw a penny on a plate
      • Throw a ping-pong ball in a jar
      • Squirt out a candle
      • Bounce a ball into a wastepaper basket
      • The number of booths will depend on the number of guests
      • What will you have for prizes or do you need prizes?
    • Memory Verse
      • Trek Teams could quote a verse and then one kid explains its meaning.
      • Two Trek Teams could play a game in front of their guests.
      • Guests are given the verse to read while the two teams play.
      • A kid explains the verse after the game.
      • Give all the guests a verse to try and memorize before the end of the of the festival.
      • At the end of the festival, volunteers can attempt to quote the verse.
      • Have prizes for those who try.
      • Some game ideas
    • Teach their guests songs that they sing.
    • Games
      • Is there a recreation game that they would like to have everyone play together?
      • Have them create debriefing questions to go with one of the promises from the memory verses..
  • FOOD
    • Cookies
    • Salads
    • Crackers and cheese
    • Punch
    • Sandwiches

Help your kids to think critically. Help them think of the details.



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