Church Based After School: Toothpaste Craft

One tube of white toothpaste per kid; piece of cardboard per kid; powdered tempera paint; tongue compressors or craft sticks; paper plates for mixing paint and toothpaste; one
plastic spoon per color of tempera; paper towels; yarn


  • Make a sample you can show the kids.
  • Prepare your heart for a mess.
  • Show the kids the sample you made.
  • Give each kid a paper plate/
  • Give each kid a tube of toothpaste.
  • Let the kids choose the colored powdered paint they want to add.
  • The powdered paint will make it very pasty.
  • They can make several different colors on their plate.
  • Let the kids paint anything they want on the cardboard.
  • Expect a mess!
  • When they are finished, glue yarn around the edges of the cardboard to form a frame.


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