How To Start A Christian Church Based After School Program

PRAYER — cover every step in prayer.


Think through what you want the end results to be.

“Who Do I Want A Kid To Be When He Is 40?

Until that question is answered it is difficult to go further in starting your ministry. What you do will be based on the answer to this question.

For one perspective on an end result click on the link above.


Ask yourself, brainstorm –

What Does That Kid Need Today To Become That Person At 40?

Read here what at-risk kids need.

Each kid deserves to have an adult who is trained to walk with him through life so he will receive what he needs today to become that person at 40.

The Training Adults need:

Read here for how Secondary Nurturers are trained to serve at-risk kids.

What is your plan for training those who serve the children?


Create your Purpose Statement and Ministry Values.

Writing out a Philosophy of Ministry will help you in the future.

Read here for a sample Philosophy of Ministry


Some questions to ask yourself:

  1. Is your church capable of doing what you have laid out?
  2. You CAN do something — make changes if needed.
    1. What staff is needed to accomplish what you created above?
    2. What budget will you need for staff and materials?
    3. This is assuming that the church will not charge for using their facilities.
    4. Will you be need to have paid staff or volunteers?
      1. What space is available?
      2. How will you raise the needed funds?


  1. Lay out your daily format – what will you do with the kids each day?
  2. Create an organizational chart.
  3. Based on all of the above make a Job Description list.
  4. Who will report to whom?

KidTrek is able to walk you through the whole process ­

Training Options:  at this site click on the PDF file.

Cost is what the Lord leads your church to pay.


2 responses to “How To Start A Christian Church Based After School Program

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  2. Greetings to you, brethren at KidTrek, in His name!
    I am really wondering how our Ministries here in Uganda (Africa) may get involved in this God-led mission.

    More blessings to you all.

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