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Church Based After School Ministry – Don’t Give In To “BORING”

images (22)We had a half-hour before the end of the day and I had four rambunctious sixth grade boys.

“Come on I have a game to teach you. Sit on the floor here with me.”

They grudgingly came and sat down as I announced that we were going to play Rhythms.

“Rhythms? What’s that!” one boy whined.

“I’ll teach you this will be fun.”

“The goal of this game is that you want to be #1. I will be the first #1 and you want to get me out of my spot by getting me to call off the wrong number or not being in rhythm.” I explained.

I proceeded to show them how to hit their folded legs with their hands, then clap, then snap, snap. They had great difficulty getting their hands to cooperate – they immediately wanted to give up.

As I snapped my right thumb and middle finger I called “Number One.” Then I snapped my left fingers and called “Number Four.” Maurice was Number Four and he called out “Number Four” but couldn’t get someone else’s number out in time.

This is BORING” Maurice complained and the other three chimed in “BORING!”

I insisted that they could do this, I insisted it wasn’t boring – the complaints continued.

I praised them for their effort and promised it might take time but if we worked at it they would get it.  As much as I insisted that they could do this they insisted that this was BORING and we should stop, “Can’t we just play a game on the computers,” they begged.

“No! You are going to do this,” I continued to insist.

Then suddenly something happened, suddenly their hands and fingers did what they wanted them to do. Suddenly they were calling out the numbers – SUDDENLY I GOT OFF RHYTHM and had to go to the end of the circle. Raymond moved into the Number One spot.

The next thing we knew we were being called in for Family Time – the closing of the day.

I will forever remember as they headed out the door,



Church Based After School Ministry: What Type of Ministry Does Your Church Have?

Are you satisfied with the results of this Past year?

Look at the chart below – which type of ministry have you been a part of this past year?

If you would like to have a Youth Development Ministry read through the three following links.

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Church Based After School: Emotional Needs of Children

   This is the story of a church-raised child – how much more devastating this would be for one of your kids in your after-school ministry.

Nine-year-old Marty loved Bill his Sunday school teacher.  On Sunday mornings, he could hardly wait to get to church to be with Bill.  Bill would call from time to time, and they would chat on the phone, or Bill would send him a postcard just to tell him how special he was.

One Sunday when Marty arrived at church, Bill was very excited.  He told Marty that he had just purchased a new fishing pole and was planning to go fishing the following Saturday.  He invited Marty to go with him, if his parents consented.

Marty was so excited!  After Sunday school, he made a mad dash to find his mom and see if it would be O.K.  Marty’s parents knew Bill well, and they were excited that he wanted to spend a day with their son, so they told Marty that it would be great.  Marty ran back into the room to tell Bill that he would be able to go with him.

Bill was also excited and they made arrangements regarding their day of fishing.

Marty could hardly wait until Saturday morning.  He told all his friends at school about his great Sunday school teacher who was going to take him fishing.

Friday evening rolled around and Marty’s family went out for dinner.  When they returned from dinner, there was a message on the answering machine.  It went something like this.

“Hey buddy, this is Bill.  I really hate to do this to you, but I know you’ll understand.  I was just given tickets to the UCLA – USC football game tomorrow.  I know you were really counting on going fishing but we’ll do it another time, O.K., buddy?  Love ‘ya.  See ‘ya Sunday.”

Marty’s mother told this story.

She had just read a brochure on the emotional needs of children.  After reading the brochure, Marty’s mom said that it was at that time that Marty suddenly changed his attitude about going to church.  She hadn’t made the connection before.

As we prepare to provide the most excellent ministry we can for the children whom God sends to us it is vital that we consider each child’s emotional needs.


After School Christian Summer Curriculum

By Wanda Parker

To see a sample of KidTrek Fun Zone Day Camp curriculum click here

The Country Fair Day Camp Curriculum is ready.

This is a fun curriculum which involves the kids in creating a Country Fair.  Kids need to discover that they are capable of creating and implementing an event that others will enjoy.  I love seeing the excitement and sense of accomplishment when kids see their dreams, plans and hard work produce a fun day for the neighborhood.

Through the week the kids get to experience several different types of art mediums – clay modeling, silhouettes and face painting, vegetable and fruit stamping, mask making and water colors.

They also create performances for the Big Top – illusions, clowning/miming, acting and musical acts.

Then there is science and cooking – yum yum cookies, experiments, plants and bugs and rocks and seashells.

But what I really love to observe is when the kids are led in the creating of a plan for the day of the fair.  At times you can actually see the wheels turning.  In the midst of the planning comes teachable moments in the importance of compromise.  There is also ample opportunity for the kids to think critically as they think out to the day of the fair and how their decisions today will affect what happens on the day of the fair.

What I love about it is that this all just happens naturally.

The kids don’t even realize the important life skills they are learning because they are having so much fun.

A Country Fair

A Country Fair

Training for After School Ministries – 880 Boot Camp Pictures

Enjoy some pictures from February 2009 880 Boot Camp.

KidTrek’s Training is now available on-line. If interested write wanda@kidtrek.org

See previous post for more information.


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It truly is all about the children - actually it is all about Jesus and the glory He receives when we care for the children. Matthew 18




A fun (and very cold) night in Hollywood


They aren't exercising, they are memorizing a memory verse.


Roll playing a crisis


Yes there are times of lecture - but they don't make for fun pictures.


February, 2009 880 Boot Camp is drawing to a close - a time for prayer, reflection and dedication.


But wait! What about all the KidTrek Bucks that were earned all week?


There is still a lot of "merchandize" left in the store.


The Auction always brings laughter

Now they go to bring honor and glory to Jesus Christ through serving families in crisis.  They are better equipped to make a lasting difference.