Training Options PDF

Each ministry may choose the training sessions that will best help them.

Training is on- line.

Training is geared to the uniqueness of each ministry.


“In mission, there’s a documented correlation between preparation and longevity. If you want a ministry that will last for the long haul, you have to invest in the training of its leaders. That’s what KidTrek does with excellence.”  Cliff, Center Director

“Kid Trek has been a vital part of running a successful program. The curriculum that is written is the best curriculum I have seen or used over the 18 years I have been in ministry. The support that Kid Trek staff has given our center has been extremely useful and has helped me gain a better understanding of how to reach kids for Jesus in the long-term. There are many programs out there that are not touching kids in an eternal way. They are babysitting children after school or helping with homework but the monthly meetings with teachers and parents have enabled us to be able to get into these families lives in a much deeper and impacting way. The teachers are grateful for the support and the primary nurturers are so grateful for the support we give them in this way. One primary nurturer told me “I am so grateful that you are meeting with my brother’s teacher. It has been so helpful for me since I don’t have the time to meet with her due to my schedule.” This sister is in charge of her brother’s life yet she is also trying to go to school, work, and help out at home. It is a heavy task. However, due to Kid Trek’s amazing philosophy, we have been trained to help these families in ways that truly affect them for the better. Due to this kind of help, they may even be more open to the gospel. That particular family is Muslim and we are praying for their salvation. What an amazing gift that we can pray and minister to a family who otherwise may have never had the opportunity to hear about the true Jesus Christ.” Dana, Center Director

The training was helpful because it opened the box for me.  I never would have imagined that the way children learn is so different from the way we teach them.  We would blame them if they didn’t get it and all along it was our fault.  The KidTrek training removed some misconceptions and enlightened me on many concepts that I never would have realized. I have found KidTrek to be an invaluable asset and resource for my ministry and my own personal development. Wanda Parker is passionate and committed to the work the Lord has laid before her and her organization.” Janice, Center Director

Wanda helped me to realize just how great a sacrifice is required of someone who desires to invest deeply into the life of a child for the purpose of Christ’s transformation.” Teresa, Center Director


13 responses to “Training

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  7. Ena Suazo Quiggle

    How do I start the online training?

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  9. What is your contact number? I would like to start your online training program?

  10. I’m confused. How do I contact you to talk about online training?

  11. Where do I get started at for online training….cant seem to find anything on it…p;lease contact me

  12. Hello, my cousin is a Pastor, and would like to get programs started at a couple of churches….through grants. does he get started?

    • Marcie,

      Before seeking grants it is important that a vision is written out. What is the purpose of the After School Programs? Who will be served? How will it be staffed? Were will on-going resources come from. etc.

      Most of my time these days is spent helping churches enhance their ministry to the children already in their church. We were seeing how churches were providing outreach while they were losing their own church raised children. What is the children’s ministry like in the churches where he wants to do outreach? Are the children receiving intentional, individual discipleship? Below are a couple of links – I challenge you to challenge your cousin to pray about and take a really good look at the present children’s ministry before doing outreach.

      How many of the children who came through the church’s children’s ministry and today are in their 20ties or 30ties are walking the Lord?

      Lots of prayer – let the Lord direct. God bless

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