After School Training – Testimonial from February, 2009 KidTrek Training

By Wanda Parker

880 Boot Camp
July 14-22, 2009 and October 6-14, 2009


“I didn’t know what to expect, except I knew I was in need of some guidance and wanted to bring home tools I could use for our program.

“The long 80 hours in 8 days of training was a time of intense learning, discussion, study, and strategic planning. I was indeed very tired, but I’ve come back…inspired and committed to do my best in serving our Lord with diligence.

“I was trained by brothers and sisters of Christ who are driven for excellence for the Lord. They have committed to equipping leaders to replicate themselves, thereby multiplying the number of families being reached with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

“The KidTrek trainers collectively have a wealth of experience and this was apparent in their stories, presentation, and thorough organized training. I’m really excited that, included with the training, they are giving us 12 months of coaching.

“In order to maintain the focus that our “Center” is not just an afterschool program, but a ministry, I know we have some hefty goals to work toward.  KidTrek has helped me with a strategic plan in order to be intentional and establish long-term relationships with families

“Overall the training was excellent. I would recommend it to anyone who is interested or considering starting an afterschool ministry.

Loraine Fong (February, 2009 Trainee)
After School Director (New Hope Community Church, Sacramento, CA)

  If you are looking for quality training for your after school ministry and or children’s ministry follow these links to learn more –

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One response to “After School Training – Testimonial from February, 2009 KidTrek Training

  1. You guys look like you have fun and know what you’re doing! good job.

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